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Destination: Creepy

so, here's the thing:

last holiday season i was headed to Seattle with my bf to see family, and there was a mix-up over the dates on our tickets. we got it fixed and ended up with a credit towards air fare that we have to use by the end of the summer. the question is....where to go?
anyone know of any great destinations roundabout the Eastern end of America (thats as far as the credit can get us) with great creepy appeal?
(or any appeal, really. we're kinda stumped. we're not used to taking vacations.)

AND does anyone have any good travel stories? creepy on the road?
in a plane? on a train?
(in a box with a fox?)

(in a box with this guy?)
Severus - Chamber of Secrets


Hello~ I'm a new member and was wondering if any of you could help me out--

My friend and I were planning on going on a road trip in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area and tour haunted places, stay at creepy motels/hotels and look around abandoned buildings and such. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for the area or stories from experiences you have had? If not, I was wondering if there were any sites that showed were there maybe some? I googled and got some stuff but there are so many sites that didnt really tell me anything :(

Thank you so much in advance!!!
North Fire

This is the way the world ends...

Stephen King's "The Stand".


If you love it,let's talk about it. Why do you love it? Is it your fave King novel? Did it change your life? What character did you most identify with? What did you think of the TV miniseries? Do you quote from the book or movie ? "Come and eat chicken with me,beautiful. It's sooooo dark....."

Should I be laughing or cringing?

A long time ago, I read a quote on how some comedies have scenes that are so brutal they range on horrific, and some horror movies are so intense it can be comedic. Sometimes, there's nothing better then clinging to the edge of your seat, only to have the flimmaker hit you with something funny.

I know a lot of people reference "PANCAKES!" from Cabin Fever, but Justin and Dr. Mambo made the movie for me (to this day, my dog's nickname is Professor). On the flip side, it's their fate that helps drive home what serious trouble the main protagonists are in. Poor Grim.

ontdcreepy , what's your favorite laugh out loud scene in a horror movie/show/book? It doesn't have to be intentionally funny (inb4 Trolls 2). Was there something you found hilarious that had you laughing while everyone else was screaming?
슈퍼주니어 - Creeper!이특 & 규현

GURL, look at dat weave.

It's the typical Asian ghost that we see in movies, with the flow-y white nightgown and the hair. Popular examples are Sadako from Ringu & Kayako from Ju-On. I'm not sure what makes them so creepy to me; maybe it's the hidden face, or just the hair itself. Them girls need a haircut.

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That aside, anyone else afraid of these lovely ladies? They may be overrated, but still. Admit it. They're pretty scary :)

I demand spam of gifs/pictures/movie recommendations with these ghosts!

Sorry about the slight HTML fail there, mods xD;
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Creepy (not so) Short Story: The Oubliette

My friend used to write these very creepy short stories, he does surrealist paintings now-a-days. I loved reading these stories and found they really stuck with me for long time. Something in one of the comments here reminded me of this one in particular so I asked if I could share and he agreed so here it is:

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What do you guys think is scarier, fact or fiction? 
I remember a few comments on recent posts saying that people in real life can be scarier than any story.  I get that, because it means it could happen to you/someone you know, which is super freaky.  But I still think that the massive amount of possibility in the world of fiction creates a whole new level of creep!

Also please share your favourite scary short stories (based on fact or complete fiction), I need new stuff to read :D

This might have been a bit TL;DR for some people, sorry! 
Lisa Kitty

Movies With a 'Real' Element to Them

I’ve noticed more and more movies lately that have footage passed off as ‘real’. Examples of this trend include the Poughkeepsie Tapes, [REC], Paranormal Activity, and some bits of The Fourth Kind. These aren’t the only films with a ‘real’ element to them, of course.

I was wondering what you all thought of movies like this. Does it make them scarier or is it just kind of lame? What is your favorite or least favorite movie like this?

Just curious as to what your opinions will be. :)

Haunted Houses... And the like. :)


Soooo I just re-read Dionaea House. I've also read House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. I am DYING to read more SIMILAR to those stories, basically, about "sentient" buildings/houses. Or perhaps just something written like Dionaea House (think: Candle Cove-style). I'm a HUGE fan of creepypasta so the style sort of gets to me better than anything else. I like stuff that's sort of short, jumpy and anecdotal (lol sp?). :)

So please please PLEASE if you can help me out... I'd love to hear from you!