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First time posting but I've commented since the beginning. I've seen a few people post links to One Man Hide and Seek (and if you don't know what it is, check it out now, cuz that's what this post is about.) Sometime over the summer my friend Leighanne and I were dumb enough to actually try this. It was around midnight.
But first of all, I should explain the setup of my upstairs where this took place...
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Obviously my room and the bathroom is where all the action takes place, but the room on the left below the bathroom is my sister's room and the one near the bottom of the picture is my parent's. I kept all of the doors to other rooms CLOSED.

But we did the ritual with the camera set up, and as we watched it later I saw about halfway through the camera actually fell face-down but then I realized it was my fault because it was set on the bed, which I jumped on. ha.
Unfortunately, after getting out of the hiding spot and looking for the doll to finish the ritual, it was in the same spot. I think it would've been really cool and really, REALLY fucking creepy if it wasn't, but it would have been a pain in the ass to look for in my house.

But after we finished, we turned lights on upstairs and were down the hallway (by the door at the bottom of the picture) and heard THREE LOUD BANGS coming from the bathroom.

My instinct was to get the fuck out, but just for clarification, I had to see if it was one of my cats or not, and there was NO ONE in the bathroom. All of the doors were still closed, but I still checked them, none of my cats were even on the same floor. At this point we're creeped out of our minds, we go downstairs and sleep with the lights on. I didn't even find my cat until the next morning.

As creepy as this was, I almost want to do it again.

Ghost Boxes

I was watching some tv show the other day and they talked about using a "ghost box", which is basically a customized radio, and spirits can use them to form words and communicate with people.

Has anyone ever used a ghost box or something like it? Have you ever heard of other neat forms of "ghost hunting technology"?

Ghost Radar for iPhone. Real or nonsense?

Someone in the comments of an earilier post mentioned this app for the iPhone that was a Ghost Radar. It uses various sensors on the iPhone to pick up things such as vibrations and sounds and analyzes them. It has a radar feature where it will show the location of a supposed ghost as well as a vox setting where it takes what it receives and translates it into words.

I really do believe we have some sort of spirit in our house so I paid the $0.99 and downloaded it.

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I don't know if it's real or if I just wanted it to be and found connections. I seriously think there is something to it because that was too freaky.

Did anyone else download it? Did it work for you or did you find it a joke?

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Paranormal/Ghost hunting groups.

Is anyone on here a part of a Paranormal group in their hometown, and if so what do you guys do/talk about?

I used to be a part of a group a couple years ago, but they disbanded because sadly, people lost interest. I've recently been trying to set up another group, but so far it's only been me. Which, don't get me wrong is awesome because I make the most awesomest snacks for myself, but it can get a bit boring.

It seems nowadays not that many young people believe in the Paranormal. Or like my brother says "They have better things to do on a Friday night then to sit in a living room talking about ghosts and haunts". It sucks so much because especially with living in the Midwest, there are so many interesting places to see and stories to hear about.

So if you belong to a Paranormal group what was your favourite experience? And if you don't belong to one, would you ever consider joining one?