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Sort of EVP?

I finally have something creepy to share! (Not that I'm wishing creepy stuff would happen just to have an excuse to post or anything...)

Anyway: One of our tv's has started acting up in the past month or so. It's either just recently inherited a ghost or it's having an electrical tantrum.

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So does anyone have any thoughts? Anything like this happen to your tv's/electrical items?

Ghost Boxes

I was watching some tv show the other day and they talked about using a "ghost box", which is basically a customized radio, and spirits can use them to form words and communicate with people.

Has anyone ever used a ghost box or something like it? Have you ever heard of other neat forms of "ghost hunting technology"?

Ghost Radar for iPhone. Real or nonsense?

Someone in the comments of an earilier post mentioned this app for the iPhone that was a Ghost Radar. It uses various sensors on the iPhone to pick up things such as vibrations and sounds and analyzes them. It has a radar feature where it will show the location of a supposed ghost as well as a vox setting where it takes what it receives and translates it into words.

I really do believe we have some sort of spirit in our house so I paid the $0.99 and downloaded it.

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I don't know if it's real or if I just wanted it to be and found connections. I seriously think there is something to it because that was too freaky.

Did anyone else download it? Did it work for you or did you find it a joke?

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The Ghost Box/Spiricom/Newbie Post!

Hello all, glad to find a community of like-minded creepies!!

So I clicked on "Previous 20" a few times until I was sure this hadn't been addressed lately, but sorry if it has been and I just didn't go back far enough.

I am fascinated by the Ghost Box.  For those of you unfamiliar:

The Ghost Box

It's a sort of modified radio that supposedly allows the spirit world to communicate with us through white noise. 

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