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ontdcreepy's Journal

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Calling all creepies!
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all things creepy!

  • This community began on Jan. 03, 2010 as a spin-off from ohnotheydidnt and petite_fouine's beloved "creepy posts."

  • Things that are posted range from anything to just a scary .gif or picture, a story from creepypasta.com, a paranormal experience (personal or otherwise), etc.


  • Mondays: Personal experiences FFA
  • Wednesdays: Themed FFA
  • Saturdays: Classic Creepy FFA
  • Every other Friday: Movie watch-along


  • Posts are moderated to avoid a deluge of repetitive content. This includes "personal experience" posts. Check out the monster of a tag for that one. All long posts are to be placed behind a cut. It's just polite.

  • Membership is moderated. If you have no journal entries, no friends, have been seen trolling communities, try to join right after something was featured in a snark community, you belong to and/or belong to ONLY snark communities, you will be rejected. If you want to appeal that, contact a mod. Don't hold your breath.

  • The moderators and entry's authors have access to tagging entries. If you would like to suggest a tag, or have an issue with one of them, comment in the suggestion post. Comments are screened.

  • Moderators and maintainers can and will delete entries and freeze threads should problems unfortunately occur.

  • All NSFW stuff should be duly noted as such. Be courteous! Same goes with LJ icons.

  • Use your judgment when posting pictures. If it is gross, or a common phobia, put it behind a cut with a warning, i.e. "THERE BE SPIDERS." Additionally, only one photo should be outside of the cut.

  • Don't post "shocking" / gruesome pictures. This means car crash pictures, 9/11 photos, lynchings, gross deaths from snopes.com, etc. This includes lotusboob and lamprey fingers. There is a difference between something creepy and something disrespectful and / or vomit-inducing. You can, however, post a link to an outside source with fair warning.

  • If someone mentions casually they have a fear of something, don't reply with a picture of that respective fear. Mean.

  • Please limit .gifs in comments to three. It lags computers. As a tip, Firefox users can press 'Esc' and .gifs, icons, etc. will stop moving.

  • Don’t spam. This means making multiple comments with the intent of raising comment counts, relieving boredom, etc.

  • When making a new post, don’t just copy and paste a link. That is not very interesting and your post will likely be rejected. Posts don’t need to be meticulously created, but engaging in some way. If HTML isn't your thing, the LJ FAQ is a great tool. This also includes making a whole post just to ask a question. Save that for a FFA or head on over to whatwasthatone, instead.

  • Here is a post where members comment suggestions for mods to go through and look over.

  • Don't be afraid to alert us to trolls and/or members that are causing trouble. Comment here. Everything is screened for anonymity.

  • Flagrant / repeated violation of these rules will get you banned. We’ve been featured in other wank-driven communities because of particular comments in a post. Discussions and debates are allowed and encouraged; insulting, harassing and trolling are not. This is non-negotiable.

    Updated March 19, 2011


    killer_culture is a community for those interested in true crime as well as related books, movies, television shows, etc. Anything related to true crime (even fictional) is welcome: debates, discussions concerning tv shows/movies/books (Dexter, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, etc.), icons, questions, news articles, pictures, pretty much anything relevant.

    whatwasthatone is a community dedicated to helping members answer questions about whatever that one thing was! If you want to post asking solely about what a movie or book was, you should ask over here instead of making a post here!

    made by jsrocks!
  • abandoned buildings, aliens, alone in the dark, animals, antiques, astral projection, asylums, battlefields, being alone, being scared, being startled, blood, blood and guts, bloodstains, bloody mary, books, campfires, cemeteries, chills, clowns, creepiness, creepy, creepy pasta, creepy posts, cryptids, cryptozoology, culture, day of the dead, daymares, death, disappearances, diseases, disembodied voices, dolls, dude bros, ectoplasm, electricity, evil, evp, exorcisms, experiments, fangs, fears, fog, folklore, folktales, forensic science, forests, fortune telling, ghost hunters, ghost hunting, ghost tours, ghosts, ghouls, graveyards, grim reaper, halloween, haunted cities, haunted houses, haunted places, hauntings, history, hoodoo, horror, horror movies, incubus, legends, magic, mannequins, medicine, mediums, monsters, monsters under the bed, moonlight, morgues, murder scenes, murder weapons, murderers, myths, nightmares, old wives' tales, orbs, ouija boards, outer space, paranormal, paranormal activity, plagues, prisons, psychics, psychopaths, puppets, reading, religion, remnants, scary books, scary movies, scary stories, science, scratches, skepticism, skeptics, skinwalkers, sleep paralysis, space, spirits, spirituality, stormy weather, succubus, suicide, surgery, suspense, talismans, taps, telepathy, the beyond, the future, the moon, the unexplained, things that go bump, thrills, thunderstorms, time travel, tombstones, tongues, ufos, unsolved crimes, unsolved mysteries, unusual deaths, unusual occurrences, vampires, ventriloquist dummies, voices, voodoo, voodoo dolls, weather, werewolves

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