March 19th, 2010


Unintentionally Creepy TV Characters/Actors?

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So, I was watching CSI: Miami, with Horatio Cane, and was thinking about how completely unintentionally CREEPY THIS MAN IS.
The one-liners, the sunglasses, the red hair, the looks, the voice.. Saying he's creepy seems like an understatement. He WORKS that creepy character though hahaha. Work it girl woot, FIERCE.

That being said, I was wondering what your opinion was on some actors or TV Characters, that are completely creepy, all the while not knowing it?

& Another 'one' -- Ever since seeing Stephen Baldwin on Celebrity Big Brother (hay Davina) I've found him COMPLETELY disturbing. His beady eyes, and just alskdjflaksdf.
Sends a shiver down my spine. No offense Stephen...... (: I think I'm in love with his brother though. Alec is amazing.

Creatures of the deep sea.

I absolutely love the ocean and I'm not afraid of water at all, but all the terrifying looking fish and creatures that live in the deep sea totally freak me out. The fact that we know so little about what's down there and it's such a mystery is the creepiest part. I mean, if things like THIS are lurking around... who knows what else. They all make Nessie look as cute as a kitten, that's for sure.

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The Hope Diamond

According to the legend, a curse befell the large, blue diamond when it was stolen from an idol in India - a curse that foretold bad luck and death not only for the owner of the diamond but for all who touched it...

The legend is said to begin with a theft. Several centuries ago, a man named Tavernier made a trip to India. While there, he stole a large blue diamond from the forehead (or eye) of a statue of the Hindu goddess Sita. For this transgression, according to the legend, Tavernier was torn apart by wild dogs on a trip to Russia (after he had sold the diamond). This was the first horrible death attributed to the curse. Collapse )

Well, who wants it? (I'd take my chances) Do you believe in curses? Would you own a *cursed* object? Do/Have you owned such a thing?

Scariest Haunted Houses

I have lived in Louisiana my entire life, and as I love all things haunted and scary, I'm glad that we have an abundance of haunted houses here. I think I was 13 the first time I went to the Myrtles Plantation. I was around that age that I had my first ghost walk in New Orleans. I've been to the Nicholson House in Washinton, LA, tood outside Marie Laveau's house and have been to countless "supposedly" haunted cemetaries. I don't necessarily think of myself as a very brave person. I just really enjoy being creeped out. Thankfully, I haven't had anything truely scary happen to me.

Anyways, I am posting this to ask you all if there is any particular haunted house, site, anything that you absolutly refuse to go near.

For me, it's the Lalaurie House in New Orleans. For those of you that haven't heard the story-

Just the story scares me so much that I have a fit anytime I have to even go in the general area, and since my family generally likes to say in the Holiday Inn on Royal when we go there, I have to sleep less than a 15 minute walk away from this place. Once, while being forced to walk past this house because my fiance thought I was overstating my fear, I fainted.

So, being in this community, I assume you all like creepy things, but what place, if any, downright scares you? What place would you avoid at all costs and ignore entirely?

What do you get when you mix cute animals, puppets, and animatronics?

Hint: Whatever it is, it's cute no longer.

I'm constantly being asked who the handsome fellow in my icon is, so I figured here is a good a place as any  to introduce him to the LJ masses.

Le cochon danseur  is a French short film from 1907, and tells the story of a pig trying to catch the eye of a pretty dancer.  I believe the film in its entirety is closer to 4 minutes long, though I've yet to find an uncut version. The fact that our creepy costumed protagnoist is a product from over 100 years ago is both impressive and unsettling.

If the choppy video and the forced stripping of an anthropomorphic pig to piano music doesn't weird you out, his arguably lewd facial expressions should do it.

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Are there any puppets, costumed characters, or animatronics that  get under your skin, ontdcreepy ?

Edit: This is what I get for posting before I go to sleep. HTML fixed now, sorry about that.

Pigman Road

As the legend goes, the "Pigman" was a man with a deformed nose, either from birth or a broken nose that wasn't set correctly, and had bad pigmentation of the skin causing it to be very red. The man was a recluse, for the most part due to his appearance.

Legand has it that a couple in the early 80's were parked under the north bridge of Holland Road when suddenly a man in a pig mask jumped from the bridge with an axe in hand and the horrified teens were brutally murdered, their bodies were found a couple days later on top of the south bridge burried in a shallow grave.

Holland Road was actually the site of what is known as the "Angola Horror," the worst train wreck in Erie County history that claimed the lives of at least fifty people. On December 18th, 1867, a rear axle on a train traveling into Buffalo loosened and caused the train to de-rail. The car in front of the rear coach tipped over and rolled down the embankment. The commotion loosened the giant stoves used for heating and spread the burning coal over the passengers riding in the car, killing all but three.

Click on the cut for my friends personal experience..its scary. Included picture. I freaked out when I saw the picture.
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[DA] justice.

The Case of Lizzie Borden

All my life, I have lived in Massachusetts. My parents moved here in the mid-80s from Sao Miguel (Acores, Portugal). They settled in the Southcoast region where many Portuguese immigrants were concentrated. My brother and I were first generation American citizens out of our extensively Portuguese family. We grew up in a strange, spiritual environment. The Portuguese are very religious and superstitious lot (stories for another time) and that combined with spooky Massachusetts led for me and my brother to grow up engrossed in the supernatural. We have been coming across many stories, urban legends, and even had some first-hand experiences ourselves.

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This area has many ghastly stories and a few places I even had the honor of visiting. I'll do more 'installments' of Massachusetts urban legends and ghost stories if there's interest.

A movie question.

Perhaps no one has heard of this, and maybe I never saw it...but alas, I'll ask!

I saw this movie on the Space network about 7-8 years ago, it's a U.F.O type of movie shot in a handheld movie form. All I can remember is that there was a farm, and the peoples cows kept going messing, or turning up dead. So they go and figure out why, and there are aliens that are killing them, or taking them...I'm not sure. Anyways, the rest of the movie is the aliens trying to get into the house to get them all and one by one they keep going missing until they get them all. I really want to see it again because it scared the life out of me when I was younger. Maybe it rings a bell to you all.

E.T.A: I think we solved this mystery! I'm 99% sure that its "Alien Abduction: Incident at Lake County" Thanks everyone, now I can finally get this movie out of my system!