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Unsolved Mysteries Mega-Post!!

Hello Creepies!

As you may know, Netflix has revived our craving for the creepy & unsolved by giving us a whole binegable season of Unsolved Mysteries. Let's have a discussion about this first season! Please note that there will be spoilers under the cut.

Episode 1: Mystery on the Rooftop
⇛ Loving husband Rey Rivera disappears from his family home - in a hurry, in flip flops, after receiving a mysterious phone call
⇛ His car is found after a long search, which leads to his body being found in an unused room of a large building - it appears he has fallen to his death, though his glasses and cell phone are completely intact
⇛ His wife says Rey was afraid of heights & would not jump from a tall building nor commit suicide, also how could you take a running leap in flip flops
⇛ Longtime friend Porter Stansberry, who employed Rivera, refused to talk and also put a gag order on every employee of the firm
⇛ Rivera apparently left a list of movies behind as well as a list of people & some think that it might be a coded clue

Episode 2: 13 Minutes
⇛ Popular local hairdresser Patrice Endres disappears between clients
⇛ Her then-husband changes the locks on the family home on the day of her disappearance, not allowing her biological minor son to retrieve his belongings
⇛ Patrice's remains are discovered 600 days later in a heavily wooded area
⇛ Patrice's husband has the remains and refuses to share them with her biological son
** Additional item: Patrice's husband, who was super creepy throughout the whole episode, has since remarried - but since the new wife did not know Patrice and was not around during that time, producers did not include this fact

Episode 3: House of Terror
⇛ An aristocratic family goes missing; friends and family get an odd letter saying they are going to America to work undercover so they won't be hearing from them for a long time
⇛ Surprise! They're all buried under the house, except for the father, who is nowhere to be found
⇛ Police think the father will go somewhere and commit suicide; they can trace his credit card purchases and know where he has bought gas and what hotels he's stayed with, but he walks off and disappears
⇛ Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès apparently has such commonplace looks that he could blend in anywhere

Episode 4: No Ride Home
⇛ This foolishness
⇛ These white guys take their black friend, Alonzo Brooks, to a party in the middle of Kansas. Various and sundry events occur which means that the friend does not come home the following day
⇛ Mom knows something's up because her son always comes home
⇛ The police, the KBI, and the FBI do searches & come up with nothing; the family asks to do their own search a month later & find his body within a half hour
⇛ Cause of death: undetermined
⇛ Plenty of anonymous comments on the internet that seem to know somebody who knows somebody

Episode 5: Berkshires UFO
⇛ Great for all UFO fans
⇛ A whole town remembers a UFO sighting and abductions from Sept 1, 1969
⇛ I mean I don't even think I could do this one justice in some bullet points y'all should definitely watch it

Episode 6: Missing Witness
⇛ This one is Nucking Futs
⇛ Y'all
⇛ Lena Chapin says she witnessed her mother kill her stepfather when she was a child & then the mom & boyfriend dispose of the body
⇛ She makes a confession tape but then walks back the confession
⇛ Later she tells her sister Brandi about what Mom was up to and Mom has the boyfriend threaten Brandi with a shotgun
⇛ It is absolutely wild as hell
⇛ The family of the dead stepfather files a civil suit as the cops do not have enough evidence to bring criminal charges
⇛ The civil suit has named Lena as an accessory in hopes that she will testify & obtain immunity for her testimony, but Lena went missing in February before the civil suit was filed
⇛ Lena's sisters believe their mom had something to do with Lena's disappearance particularly because it would mean their mom would gain custody of Lena's toddler son
⇛ Fucking bonkers

More fun stuff:
➭ Netflix made a Google Drive of all the evidence and clips that didn't make it into the final episodes
➭ The Lena Chapin case just gets wilder
➮ Someone has reported a Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès sighting.

Are you watching Unsolved Mysteries, ontdcreepy? What are your theories?
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